Monday, 23 October 2017

English - Te Reo (Cities in NZ)

Auckland, is based around 2 large harbours, is a major city in the north of New Zealand’s North Island. In the centre, the iconic Sky Tower has views of Viaduct Harbour, which is full of super yachts and lined with bars and cafes. Auckland Domain, the city’s oldest park, is based around an extinct volcano and home to the formal Winter gardens.

My Nana Birthday!! *Celebration time*

On Friday it was my Nana Birthday, for her Birthday we went out for lunch at Hansan. She was turning 52 and she is so happy and relief that it is her Birthday.

We had a wonderful lunch and I wanted some more but I was to full to eat some more, as we were eating my nana was enjoying her Birthday lunch and she was still having a wonderful munch. I was hearing the stove flaming and it was so nice to hear, that was amazing. I liked chatting with my family across the table next to me and as we are standing up having a walk around we can have a conversation.

As we were eating I just enjoyed hearing my family having a good time, I was eating my dessert and the flavour was so incredible that it was a wonderful dessert. I was getting a full than I was before, but at least I was having a relaxing time with my family especially my nana because I love her so so much that she is the bestest nana in the world. As we were leaving, we ended up getting some fruits which will calm down my stomach for getting a stomach ache.

So after we came back from having lunch with my uncle we went and baked a cake for my nana so she can blow it out because she didn’t blow out her candle before we left for dinner. We blowed out the candle in my nana beed

But at least Friday was a exciting and I had fun with my nana on her special day with my family and my relatives.I love her so much.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Wedding day!!

Yesterday was a very emotional, happy and fun day, the reason why is because my uncle had a Wedding. My uncle was dress so handsome and his wife name “Athena”, was looking to pretty in her white dress.

The Ceremony was going so good, Athena family was there with my uncle family. As the ceremony was going on for 30 minutes we had to go to Northcote which is a couple kilometre away from where we had the ceremony. As we got there we got all of our homemade food from the car and took it up to the table, I was assuming some more people to come but we had plenty of people with us.

Before we had dinner Athena had an emotional time inside of the building because we sawed a video of Athena dad and his family side saying “We hope you have a wonderful wedding Athena and as well as you Mark (My Uncle)”, As I was hearing this I was so happy not because Athena dad not here with us but it because Athena get to listen to the dad and other family member that talking all the way from France.

So we done heaps of thing with the family on the wedding day. As the day was coming to the end we dance on the floor while the DJ was playing some amazing remix music. I enjoyed myself yesterday at the Wedding because I get to see some of my family members which I’ve haven't seen in awhile.

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My brother Marcus and my mum on the bottom

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Special place in our community (Writing)

As you can see I had to chose a special place in our community, I’ve explained what I’ve chosen, why I chosen it and how come I go to that special place. I’ve putted a lot of effort into doing this.

After we’ve finished doing our writing we’ve had to get a partner to check our work and highlight a word or sentences as well as add a comment so our partner can identify why this word it highlighted. When our partner finish fixing up their work they had to swap netbooks so they can give our writing a score by using rubrics. So my score was 40 and that is 5A.

I hope you will enjoy reading my writing and also leave a comment on this blogpost about anything that you think will need more fixing up on this writing.

The reason why I’ve chosen the Basketball courts because I always go there to play with my friends and just have a blast. There is another reason why I’ve chosen the Basketball courts is because I get to practice some new skills before I verse my friends on a Basketball sessions.

The Basketball courts is very close to my house, as I walk to the Basketball courts I find it easier to walk because it’s not really that far. I like to go there because I get to practice alone instead of anyone bordering me. The people in the community come and play at the same Basketball court as where I’m playing at, the worst thing is that I don’t like it some people come and hog the Basketball court to themself, it’s like they are the owner of the Basketball Court.

After school If I have time to play outside I will make my way to the Basketball Court so I get practice. The name of the area where the Basketball court is “Fernwood”, as everyone come and bond at the Basketball court is very fun and amazing. I get to play with more people instead of having to get sweaty and still play with the same person over and over again.

The Basketball court is very important to the people around the community because it has a very expensive hoop and they might get stolen by a robber. It is very valuable to the neighbours around the Basketball Court  because they are like bodyguards and they can play on the Basketball court whenever they want.

PG1:Rubric 4

PG2:Rubric 4
Sentence structure for PG 2: Rubric 3
Vocabulary for PG 2: Rubric 5
Organisation for PG 2: Rubric 3

PG3:Rubric 3
Punctuation for PG 3:Rubric 4
Structure and language features for PG 3: Rubric 4

PG4:Rubric 5
Spelling Rubric 5

My Career (Basketball)

Image result for basketballMy Career is based on shooting balls in the hoop and having to cooperate with each other, it’s a type of sport where you team up and of cause it’s “Basketball”. Basketball is a wonderful sport where a head coach coaches the team so they can be a successful player when they play.

The person that inspired me to play Basketball is “Julian Newman”, he shows that he can play very well as well as a good trainer. Julian Newman started playing Basketball when he was 3 years old, he is only 16 years old and he is so incredible in his career, he plays for the Varsity Basketball team at Downey High School in Orlando Florida. He has 1 sibling name “Jaden Newman”.

He is a very good professional Basketball player and he is trying to make his way into any of the NBA team, he is trying to confront that he is good in front of LaMelo Ball. LaMelo and Julian is trying to have a game against each other before they both go into the NBA.

My Career is going to be good for me in the future because I can earn heaps of money and the world will see my talent and skills.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Last day of School (Yess!!)

Today was unfortunately the last day for the term at School, as the holiday is tomorrow I'm still going to do some learning before I will go back to school on "October 16". I'm very excited to have the 2 weeks off from school because I get to see some of my family which I've haven't seen in a while and that is making me very happy. So have a Great holiday and love you guys.

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How to make a fire? (Presentation)

Today our School had a inquiry presentation, me and Stephen worked on making this presentation that is based on "How to make a fire", the reason why we've chosen "How to make a fire", for our presentation is because we can recap what we've learnt from camp and shared it around to the people that is reading this. So one person from each group had to present what they have created as part of their presentation. Me and Stephen have been putting a lot of effort into finishing this off for the School before we showed it to them. I hope you enjoy watching a fantastic presentation.